Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A month in photos: November, December, and a year in review collage

Yes, I am not good at keeping up with my blog.  I know.  Bad blogger!  I thought I was only behind on December's post but then realized I didn't post November's either.  Oh well, it is here now and also made a quick year in review collage to put in the back of my photo book.  Hoping to work on that today!  I do hope to blog more than once a month (or two!) and might just start blogging about whatever plus my photo stuff.  We'll see.

A little note on how I did the year in review collage.  I didn't make a template for it, but I used the month flags from my free template that I shared here and lined them up across the top of a 12x12 page.  I reduced them in size by 90% to give them some space in between.  The rest is just dragging and dropping the monthly collages onto the page and reducing their size to 25%.  Then once they are all arranged I reduced each one to 99% individually to create the white line between them.  If you select all of them before reducing they will not be spaced evenly.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!